Accommodation rates


Please note:

Rates are subject to change without notice

A 50% Deposit is required to confirm your reservation


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations 14 to 30 days before arrival date - 50% of the total booking amount is chargeable

Cancellations within 14 days of arrival date - full amount is chargeable


House Rules: 

We are warm and friendly hosts and you will LOVE 49 on Cherry. One of the reasons more than 98% of guests love our place, is because the following rules are expected and enforced -

  1. STRICTLY No smoking in any rooms – guests may only smoke outdoors where ashtrays are provided. Please do not leave cigarette butts in the garden. Management reserves the right to charge you, the guest, up to R2000 for cleaning to get rid of the smell of smoke from indoors – furniture, curtains, linen etc.
  2. Peace and quiet is a closely guarded treasure at 49 on Cherry - Strictly No parties, groups, visitors or loud noise/ music. Please be considerate of other guests and keep TV volume etc low.
  3. Lost Keys – Please note that if you lose your keys/ remote you will be charged R750 since we will have to replace locks, re-programme all our remotes and the automated gate for security purposes. PLEASE take care of your keys and remote.
  4. Any linen permanently stained or marked, or furniture/ appliances/ crockery / property etc damaged will be for the guest’s account.
  5. Wi-Fi is provided free of charge on a “fair usage” policy – i.e. for accessing emails, internet banking etc. Downloading movies/ games and very large files is considered unfair usage and will be charged for.
  6. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of excessive alcohol or narcotics, will be denied access to the property or asked to leave the property immediately. No narcotics may be brought onto the property. A reasonable amount of alcohol is permitted, as long as it is not abused or in any way leads to other guests/ management/ staff/ neighbours feeling inconvenienced or offended.



Includes Continental Breakfast

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